Peace Till Death is a concept by famed Pop Art Artist Shane Bowden. Shane Bowden (Brisbane, Australia 1974) is a contemporary pop-art painter and businessman that defies convention in the art world. A rule breaker and a rule maker Bowden’s painting style’s are as varied as his subject matters. Creating alter egos and exploring new styles of expression has become Shane Bowden’s reputa. Mofisto, S&B, Aw.then.tik.8.ed, Yves Kaiser, Bakku-shaneare a few of the artists personalities. Even so, you can spot the similarities from Bowden’s classic contemporary abstracts to his popular glossy, pop-silk screens.

In 2008 Bowden decided to move back to Australia and opened his first gallery in Noosa, Australia and it was a hit. He began getting more attention for his own art creations. His work began getting nominated for various awards one of which was the prestigious Salon Des Refusees, Archibald Prize, and Doug Moran Portrait Prize in which Bowden became a finalist. Art collectors and galleries around the world took notice.

Shane first U.S. gallery opened in Hawaii in 2013 were he caught the attention of top Japanese art dealers and collectors. Bowden fascination with pop art masters such as Andy Warhol and Robert Rauschenberg began to influence his work and his love of pop culture, repetition and instant visual appeal began to define the style he would become most known for, colorful pop-silkscreens paintings. "PEACE, LOVE AND HAPPINESS TILL DEATH" has been Bowden's Mantra his entire career, living by the idea that we are put on this plant to live, love create and be happy until we die.